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Utilization of Geo Maps in Python

Tech Night with Asma

Join us live on 24-April-2021 at 11:00 PM PKT | 06:00 PM GMT | 02:00 PM EST to learn from Ali Hassan about "Utilization of Geo Maps in Python".

Speaker Profile | Ali Hassan

Ali Hassan is passionate about Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning. He started his career as a Data Analyst at Information Technology University (ITU), He is also a Python instructor on Udemy. He spent Two-year doing research in Machine Learning, working on innovative and exciting projects. His expertise are in Geographical Data Analysis, Textual Data Analysis, Machine Learning/Deep Learning Data Classification Models, Data Pre-processing (ETL), Data Visualization and Web Scrapping. Ali Hassan’s courses combine the two dimensions of analysis and creativity, allowing his students to learn all the analytic skills required in data science, by applying them to creative ideas.

Session Video

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