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RASA Chatbot SQL Server Integration using RASA Custom Actions

There are many platforms out there to develop chatbots for whatever business needs are required to be fulfilled and RASA platform is one of them. RASA chatbot platform is python-based. It comes with two version paid and open-source.

The advantage of RASA open-source chatbot platform is that a lot of customizations can be made with a chatbot. Connecting database with the chatbot is one of them. 

So, I am going to show you how to integrate SQL server database with RASA chatbot platform.


Following are some of the many prerequisites for this project:
  1. Python Latest Version Installation
  2. RASA Platform Installation. 
  3. Knowledge of Training RASA Model.
  4. Knowledge of Creating RASA Web Chat Widget using SOCKET.IO. 
  5. Knowledge of Building Chatbots.
The running working source code solution for this project is being developed using Python-based RASA platform with Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Professional as database. For the source code click on the download button below.

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