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Python Chatbot Web Integrating using RASA Platform | SOCKET.IO

RASA platform based chatbot can be easily integrated with HTML web pages. There are two ways RASA chatbot can be integrated with HTML web pages i.e method-1 is to use RASA platform SOCKET.IO enabling method, this is RASA platform provided web chat widget and I recommend this method. Method-2 is make your own Jquery based web chat widget and integrate RASA chatbot RESTful Web API with it. RASA platform is available in both paid and open-source versions.

So, I am going to show you how to integrate the Python-based Chatbot with a simple web page using RASA platform SOCKET.IO method web widget on the Windows 10/11 machines. At the moment detail tutorial about RASA platform Web Widget Integration on Linux/Ubuntu machines is not available, but, source code is available. My detail course  will be out soon for RASA on both Windows and Linux/Ubuntus machines. So, Keep following my posts and My Youtube Channel.


Following are some of the many prerequisites for this project:
  1. Python Latest Version Installation.
  2. RASA Platform Installation.
  3. Knowledge of Training RASA Custom Model.
  4. Basic Knowledge of Building Chatbots.
The running working source code solution for this project is being developed using Python-based RASA platform on both Windows 10/11 and Linux/Ubuntu machines. For the source code in Windows or Linux/Ubuntu click on the button below.

Note that detail tutorial on how to work with RASA platform on Linux/Ubuntu machines will be coming soon, but, if you like you can play around with the provided source code for Linux/Ubuntu.

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