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Top 5 Tips For Hiring a Dedicated PHP Developer For Your Company's Needs


PHP is unquestionably a widely used language on the internet nowadays. Despite being around for a while, it still possesses the skills to rule the web development industry for many years to come.

Because of this, PHP continues to be the top choice for any firm in need of a reliable, scalable, and adaptable website or application, whether it's a small or enterprise-level project.

The key to success, however, lies in choosing the best PHP developer who can provide outcomes with the greatest agility. PHP is a programming language, not an end in itself.

If you're looking for a new employee to join your team, it's likely that you came across our site while seeking answers to a number of important questions.

For example, what qualities should you look for when hiring a decent PHP developer? Where can I find one? and so forth.

In this article, we will attempt to answer your queries and provide you with key tips to hire dedicated developers. To start, let's first comprehend the fundamentals.

Who is a PHP developer?

A PHP developer is a web developer who uses the dynamic scripting language PHP to create, test and maintain code for websites, programs, and apps.

Who makes a good PHP developer?

A good PHP developer works on projects of varying complexity in addition to developing, testing, and maintaining code for websites. This demands strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, a smart PHP developer works with other experienced developers to design diverse apps and troubleshoot as necessary.

He/she typically has hands-on experience with most PHP frameworks, including Laravel, Yii, Codeigniter, Zend, Symfony, Kohana, CakePHP, Joomla, and others.

Here is a basic list of abilities that any excellent PHP developer should have:

  •  Working knowledge of the PHP programming language; knowledge of SQL / MySQL databases; knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript.

  • Control system knowledge (SVN / Git) .

  • Experience with frameworks such as Laravel, Symphony, and YII2; knowledge of CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

  • OOP knowledge (object-oriented programming).

Top 5 Tips to Hire Dedicated Developers

The questions listed above will undoubtedly assist you in determining the interviewee's technical competence. However, when looking for PHP developers, it is even more important to ensure that you are choosing the proper individual while keeping the following recommendations in mind. 

1. Steer clear of cliched inquiries

You've done a good amount of research on PHP, evaluated your needs, and are now prepared to conduct interviews with potential hires. Making a list of questions is the next stage. However, avoid asking stereotype-based queries like -

  1. What is PHP?
  2. When was PHP first released?
  3. Who is the father of PHP?

It is preferable to ask questions that will allow you to determine whether the developer has the appropriate skillets to meet your demands rather than perform this type of memory test, such as -

  1. How to set cookies in PHP?
  2. How to encrypt data with PHP?
  3. How much experience do you have in web services? 

These inquiries not only gauge a candidate's technical competence but also reveal his or her technological strengths.

2. Inquire about previous projects

It is important to thoroughly examine the prior projects undertaken, whether working with a reputable offshore PHP development firm or a PHP developer. You may accomplish this by asking the applicant for a brief summary of the projects on which he or she has worked and how important a part they played in those initiatives.

Employing a portfolio, case studies, and customer testimonials may sometimes help you determine a candidate's true skills and work history for a project like yours. By doing this, you will avoid having to deal with project quality concerns that can arise later in the development process.

3. Examine the knowledge base and the learning capacity 

Given how quickly technology is evolving, it is essential to invest in a resource that is not only capable of completing your projects but also of keeping up with the most recent trends and learning new skills along the way. You should follow the developer to see what he does to stay current on trends and technology in general.

4. Analyze the communicating abilities

The developer must be knowledgeable about numerous forms of communication, including audio, video, the web, email, and phone. The entire team may suffer if the developer is unable to hold a fruitful face-to-face meeting with the customer or adequately defend the development budget. In addition to assessing their communication abilities, it is important to assess if they are willing to utilize the project management and communication tools of your choice.

5. Evaluate the attitude

Always explain everything you have on your mind during the process, regardless of its significance at this moment. If you've decided to hire a freelancer or an outsourcing company, be sure you create a contract with all the necessary information, including milestones, cost breakdowns, and other important information. To prevent horror scenarios in the future, all non-disclosure agreements and terms and conditions must be made very explicit.


The choice to hire a PHP developer is also influenced by a number of other considerations, including experience levels, technical aptitude, and financial constraints. Here, in this blog, we aim to provide you with insights on the tips that can be useful while looking for PHP developers.

Prakash Software Solutions is an IT firm promising expertise and professionalism. It offers a plethora of experienced talents, and you may choose to hire dedicated developers among them. Taking time to find out what you need is inevitable, but finding the best for your needs may not seem so. Thus, we at Prakash strive to offer you the best that suits your every design requirement.

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