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Course: How to Develop REST Web API using ASP.NET MVC

Web APIs are one of the essential component in the applications which involve data exchange in client-server machine architecture. In this course you will learn about development of REST web API using ASP.NET MVC platform from basic to advance level. This course outlines following topics i.e.

  1. What is REST Web API?

  2. How to setup basic REST Web API Project using ASP.NET MVC in Visual Studio?

  3. How to generate REST Web API Security Key for authorization?

  4. What are JSON Objects Mapper in C#.NET?

  5. How to create REST Web API HTTP POST type method?

  6. How to create REST Web API HTTP GET type method without Request Query Parameters?

  7. How to create REST Web API HTTP GET type method with Request Query Parameters?

  8. How to change REST Web API method name in ASP.NET MVC using Name Routing?

  9. How to do non-token based basic REST Web API authorization?

  10. How to do Token based REST Web API authorization using oAuth in ASP.NET MVC?

  11. What is Entity Framework?

  12. How to connect REST Web API with SQL Server using Entity Framework Database First?

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