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Microsoft Data Science RoadShow in Pakistan

Microsoft has held its one of a kind global event on its cloud technologies to support & strengthen the local IT industry in data science domain globally.
The event was held in Lahore, Pakistan on 11-May-2017 at Emporium Mall. The event was hosted by Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC), Lahore team along with Pakistan Microsoft MVP(s) & Local IT Industry Speakers. The event was organized in following manner i.e.

Microsoft has shared the registration process to attend the event globally on their cloud society website.

The event was attended by different local industries professionals and representatives. The event started by Usman-Ur-Rehman and the keynote speaker was introduced. The first key note speaker was Chrystele Dumont, she is a M&O Lead, NEPA - Microsoft, she took the stage to deliver a keynote on the Data-driven Business era at the Data Science Roadshow.

Chrystele Dumont emphasized the need of data scientist in the local IT industry. She also discussed about the rise of invisible revolution, futurism and the significance of Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) program relative to the roadshow.

After Q/A session with Chrystele Dumont, a high tea was server and the began the second session and the speaker of the second session was Saad Mehmood, a Sr. Software Engineer at Systems Ltd and three times Microsoft MVP. Saad discussed the first V (Velocity ) of Big data.

After Q/A session with Saad, here came yours truly to discuss second V (Volume) in Big Data domain.

After having Q/A session with the audience, the next speaker Shahzad Masud took over the stage and explained the third V (Variety) from the Three V's of Big Data.

After Q/A session with Shahzad Masud, the launch was served. After everyone regained their energy back, the next session was delivered by Ahsan Anis a Data Scientist, Punjab information technology Board (PITB). Ahsan gave an overview about building a predictive model in Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio along with a short demo.

After Q/A session with Ahsan, final session was delivered by Saad Mehmood, a Sr. Software Engineer at Systems Ltd and three times Microsoft MVP on cognitive services along with a short demo.

 After Q/A session with Saad, the evening tea was server and the event was concluded with a group photo.

That's a wrap, looking forward for more events like this in Pakistan to establish a good local echo system, strengthen our knowledge & international relations and share the awesomeness of Pakistan with the world. Visit or contact Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) in Pakistan or in your own country for further details and future events.


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