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Pakistan Banned Wikipedia | Google AI Event | LegendOfZelda Lego Leak | NVIDIA Fix Discord GPU Issue

Meta unveils Text to Video AI tool called Make a Video, Google is holding Search & AI event on 08-Feb-2023 at 6:30PM CET, Microsoft is integrating OpenAI ChatGPT with Bing search engine, Pakistan Banned Wikipedia, Twitter will charge USD $1000 per month for golden ticks, Twitter API changes effects online gaming platform logins, NVIDIA fixes slow GPU issue caused by Discord latest update, Spotify Co-Founder Denial helped with the development of AI based full body health scanner, Legend of Zelda Deku tree Lego set leaked,

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  1. I wonder why Wikipedia banns Pakistan. We never publish any uncertain content on Wikipedia. My whole life, I only published an article about women's education and the best academic proofreading services importance. This topic doesn't sound suspicious. There are some other reasons to ban which are private right now.